Our Story 


Pizza, pasta, sushi, salads, sandwiches, wings and other things. House made with local produce, meats and goat cheese. As well as imported French & Italian cheeses & proscutto.

Featured farms include Hoofprint Cheese Company & Locust Hill Grass fed beef.  

Come enjoy some local eats, a family friendly atmosphere and hand tossed pizzas.

Staying Safe During COVID-19


Order and pay online! Give us a call when you get here and we'll bring your food to your car. (845)677-2222

For the time being, we do not have any staff. We’ve been slower than usual but busier than expected, so you might be asking yourselves...why don’t we hire someone? We are taking the covid-19 outbreak very seriously. In addition to not letting anyone in the restaurant, we are self isolating within. When dealing with customers we use every precaution, take credit cards online and over the phone and do curb-side pick up - only. Because we are choosing to be self sufficient, wait times during peek days and hours will be longer. Sometimes we won’t be able to get to the phone and our regular hours won’t always be observed. We are two people doing everything with two small children in a tiny restaurant during a pandemic.  Life is unpredictable but we are doing the best we can to provide comforting food in the safest way possible during such crazy times.  Stay safe & stay healthy.


Our Story


Julien is our son Asher's middle name! In 2018 when we noticed a local pizzeria up for sale, we came upon the name Julien's to truly bind together the idea of a family restaurant. We started off as a pizzeria and soon added things that we wanted to make, because why do you need to fit into a certain mold and sell things people expect you to? Which is where the pizza and sushi idea was born. Jean-Paul making pizza, with over 25 years of experience working in restaurants with all different cuisines, and Kay making sushi, with a decade of experience in asian cuisine.


Everything that is Julien's is truly a labor of love, from the work required to keep the kitchen running smoothly every day with no staff - the prep, the communication, the cleaning, the website design to the summer gardens out front, to teaching our children, while at work, what it truly means to love what you do while adapting to a continuously changing world.  


5 Washington Ave.
Millbrook, NY 12545

Monday:    4pm - 8pm
Tuesday:    CLOSED

Wednesday:    4pm - 8pm
Thursday:   4pm - 9pm

Friday:   4pm - 9pm
Saturday:   4pm - 9pm

Sunday:   4pm - 9pm


Tel: (845)677-2222

Email: JuliensPizza@gmail.com